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    Medical Facilities

GilCon & Associates has a wide-ranging level of experience in the field of medical construction.

From converting a 96,000 square foot light industrial building into a 100% medical condominium complex to small office renovations, GilCon & Associates has the experience to design and build for many different disciplines of medicine.

This facility, located at 119 Professional Center, Indiana Pa., includes the following:

  • General practitioners (3 offices)
  • Orthopedic Medicine (2 offices including X-ray rooms)
  • Dental (3 offices)
  • Physical Therapy (with therapy pool)
  • Renal dialysis
  • Pharmacy

Roger also served as project manager for several additional medical-related projects:

  • The cardiac rehabilitation department at Meadville Medical Center (MMC)
  • Complete new in-house laundry facilities at Indiana Hospital
  • Structural concrete for Yolanda Barco Cancer Center (MMC)
  • Structural concrete for Vernon Place (MMC)


Medical Facilities