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    Medical Facilities

GilCon & Associates has a wide-ranging level of experience in the field of medical construction.

From converting a 96,000 square foot light industrial building into a 100% medical condominium complex to small office renovations, GilCon & Associates has the experience to design and build for many different disciplines of medicine.

  • Pain Management Clinic at Meadville Medical Center - renovated the waiting area, nurses’ station, treatment room and restroom at the MMC Pain Clinic. Work was done while occupying the space and done on off-hours. This project was also completed during the COVID lockdown and adhered to the new restrictions.
  • Echo Room Renovation at Meadville Medical Center - modified the waiting area in the cardiac department resulting in a new sound sensitive Echo Room at MMC Liberty Street. This work was completed while the area surrounding was being occupied and during normal working hours.
  • Pharmacy Renovation at Meadville Medical Center - upgraded the HVAC system for the clean room in the pharmacy at MMC Liberty Street. A new air handling unit and two new exhaust fans complete with new ductwork and controls are being installed while the pharmacy stays in operation. A total of (78) light fixtures are also being replaced as a part of this project throughout the pharmacy department.
  • Various Other Projects Completed at Meadville Medical Center
    • Installation of new exhaust systems in individual rooms to house COVID-positive patients
    • Installed slide-rite door in Emergency Room department
    • Completed fire proofing throughout the two main hospital facilities


Medical Facilities