Commercial Construction


Completion of hundreds of projects throughout the tri-state area including several landmark buildings. Many projects are repeat commercial customers.


Employing a team of expert staff and our own fleet of heavy construction equipment.


Passionate staff members with a vast knowledge of project management, subcontracts, purchase orders, and submittals.


Countless years of experience in constructing complex concrete structures, foundations, slabs, and tanks.


Acquiring well-trained employees from local trade unions and utilizing the hiring hall.


Ability to provide cost-competitive pricing and quality service to the private sector.


We have a history of quality service by ensuring the needs of our clients and community are met.


Maintaining a long-standing reputation for quality and consistency.


Experts in carpentry, millwrighting, welding, and masonry.


Built on a solid history of successful projects completed on time and within budget that puts customer satisfaction first.


Successfully completed under all sectors of The Gildea Group since 1983

Commercial sectors

Educational Construction

The Gildea Group has completed several educational projects from our local elementary school projects to complex projects at the higher education level.

A partial list of educational projects that The Gildea Group has completed include:

  • Maplewood Elementary – Two-story addition that included classrooms, elevator, restrooms, and a library.
  • Saegertown Middle School – Addition of classrooms, restrooms, and wood and machine shops.
  • Waller Hall @ IUP – Convert the former gymnasium (circa 1922) into the Department for Performing Arts. This project proved to be very complex, as it included interior demolition, exterior site work, faculty offices, performance stages, dressing rooms, and audience seating.
  • Arter Hall @ Allegheny College – Renovation of a two-story classroom building. It included the reconfiguration and renovation of classrooms, computer laboratories, faculty offices, and restrooms.
  • Doane Hall @ Allegheny College -Two-phase project to renovate the art department. It included structural changes to the building, adding large skylights, new classrooms/studios, faculty offices, and an art gallery.
  • Pellitier Library @ Allegheny College – This project, called “Gateway,” was a $1.2 million complete renovation of one section of the library and was completed while the library was functioning. It included establishing new faculty offices, student gathering spaces, book circulation, and conference rooms.
  • Bicentennial Plaza @ Allegheny College – This project was to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Allegheny College. It included the removal of existing sidewalks and retaining walls. A new elaborate brick and cast stone retaining wall and plaza were built in the middle of campus. This area will serve for student gatherings and for graduation ceremonies.
  • Walker Hall @ Allegheny College – Complete renovation of 3-stories of student lavatories at Allegheny College. The project consisted of demolishing existing facilities, creating new finishing, and constructing all new domestic plumbing, HVAC, and exhausts.

Financial Construction

The Gildea Group has completed multiple specialized financial construction projects. This includes everything from standalone ATMs to full-service banking.

Some projects include

  • Laurel Bank, Indiana, PA
    Full-service bank, with a walk-in vault, in a high-rise retail/condo complex.
  • Marquette Savings Bank, S. Main St., Meadville, PA
    is a full-service bank that has been converted to a business banking center.
  • Marquette Savings Bank, Park Ave., Meadville, PA
    State-of-the-art full-service banking center with a four lane drive-thru. Completed in 2015.

Marquette Savings Bank, Vernon Twp., Meadville, PA
Full-service bank, located adjacent to a retail shopping center. It included complete site development. Completed 2018.

Medical Facilities

The Gildea Group has a wide-ranging level of experience in the field of medical construction.

From converting a 96,000 square foot light industrial building into a 100% medical condominium complex to small office renovations, The Gildea Group has the experience to design and build for many different disciplines of medicine.

  • Pain Management Clinic at Meadville Medical Center – renovated the waiting area, nurses’ station, treatment room, and restroom at the MMC Pain Clinic. Work was done while occupying the space and done on off-hours. This project was also completed during the COVID lockdown and adhered to the new restrictions.
  • Echo Room Renovation at Meadville Medical Center – modified the waiting area in the cardiac department resulting in a new sound-sensitive Echo Room at MMC Liberty Street. This work was completed while the area surrounding was being occupied and during normal working hours.
  • Pharmacy Renovation at Meadville Medical Center – upgraded the HVAC system for the clean room in the pharmacy at MMC Liberty Street. A new air handling unit and two new exhaust fans complete with new ductwork and controls are being installed while the pharmacy stays in operation. A total of 78 light fixtures were also replaced throughout the pharmacy department.
  • Various Other Projects Completed at Meadville Medical Center
    • Installation of new exhaust systems in individual rooms to house COVID-positive patients
    • Installed slide-rite door in the Emergency Department
    • Completed fireproofing throughout the two main hospital facilities
    • Cardiac rehabilitation department at Meadville Medical Center (MMC)  in Meadville, PA
    • Complete new in-house laundry facilities at Indiana Hospital in Indiana, PA
    • Structural concrete for Yolanda Barco Cancer Center (MMC)  in Meadville, PA
    • Structural concrete for Vernon Place (MMC) in Meadville, PA
  • Medical Center in Indiana, PA involved converting a 96,000 square foot light industrial building into a 100% medical condominium complex housing a variety of medical specialties. The facility included:
  • General practitioners (3 offices)
  • Orthopedic Medicine (2 offices including X-ray rooms)
  • Dental (3 offices)
  • Physical Therapy (with therapy pool)
  • Renal dialysis
  • Pharmacy

Retail Construction

Retail construction offers its own challenges. These projects are usually located in a busy and congested area, which requires logistical planning for equipment and material delivery. Schedules are always tight because of the need to open for business.

  • Hermitage Plaza, Hermitage, PA
    • Addition to an existing shopping plaza, this project includes 6-8 retail storefronts and a Starbucks with a drive-thru.
  • Tractor Supply, Inc – Four stores (2 new construction & 2 renovations)
    • Meadville, PA
    • Erie, PA
    • Chautauqua, PA
    • Ohio
  • Gatti Pharmacy, Indiana, PA
    Complete Interior and exterior renovation, all while keeping the store open and running.
  • Woolen Mill, Meadville, PA – Complete build-out (interior and exterior) of a historic building in downtown Meadville to create a clothing store. Completed in 2018. 
  • Quick Stop, Meadville, PA – Large-scale expansion of the Quick Stop convenience store into an ultra-modern convenience store with a brand-new commercial kitchen/restaurant and full-service gas station.

Historical Restoration

The Gildea Group has a wealth of experience in historical restoration construction.

The unknown and unseen conditions in this type of work present the first challenge. Nothing is ever plumb or square in historical construction. It is the opportunity to work with materials and details that can’t be achieved in new construction that makes this work interesting. Historical restoration requires significant attention to detail and the ability to work with intricate or antique detailing. It is because of these challenges that The Gildea Group’s knowledge and experience make them excel in this kind of work.

The Gildea Group has completed renovations of the worship space of several churches. The restored church buildings date back to the 1800s.

  • St Titus RC Church, Titusville, PA
  • St Hippolyte RC Church, Meadville, PA
  • Presbyterian Church, Meadville, PA
  • St Agatha rectory and office, Meadville, PA 


Other types of historical restoration The Gildea Group worked on include:

  • Bessemer Building – Converting an abandoned 1865 railroad maintenance building into a modern office complex.
  • Waller Hall @ IUP in Indiana, PA – Converting a 1922 gymnasium into a facility for the performing arts
  • Woolen Mill, Meadville, PA – built circa 1879. This renovation project was a complete “gut job” requiring all new mechanical systems and a complete build-out of the space.
  • Arter Hall @ Allegheny College, Meadville, PA – This was a complete renovation of the majority of this three-story classroom and laboratory building.

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