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Goodea Construction Company was founded in 1960 by Richard Goodwill and Thomas Gildea. Richard and Tom combined their expertise in estimating/project management and field engineering/supervision to create a dynamic company. From the very humble beginnings of building new steps for the Meadville Tribune to the hundreds of successfully completed projects, Goodea Construction Company continues to be a successful contractor in the tri-state area. Goodea Construction Company has concentrated its efforts on commercial, industrial, and institutional construction and utilizing a union workforce.


Pipeline Systems, Inc. was founded by Mark Gildea to provide construction services to the oil and gas industry in the Appalachian Basin. The primary focus was on building gas gathering systems and setting up tanks, units, and wellheads for the booming Medina gas play in northwestern Pennsylvania. 

During a downturn in the oil and gas industry in the late 1980s, the company diversified into municipal water and wastewater projects.

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GilCon & Associates was founded in 1996 by Roger Gildea, Mark Gildea, James Martin, and Martin Schenker to provide construction services to the private sector. GilCon & Associates specializes in commercial construction with a concentration on historical restoration, and institutional, industrial, and retail projects.

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RLG Construction Consulting, LLC was formed with Roger Gildea as its leader. RLG has vast experience SUPERVISING and MANAGING large construction projects.

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Goodea Construction celebrates 60 years.

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The Gildea Group consolidated the construction and pipeline businesses into one. The same services and specialties are offered just under one business name. Our affiliate RLG Construction Consultants, LLC works closely with The Gildea Group on projects.

Despite its expansion and evolution over the years, The Gildea Group has maintained its roots in Meadville, contributing significantly to the growth of Crawford County and neighboring regions.

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