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RLG Construction Consulting, LLC is an affiliate of The Gildea Group. The RLG team has worked closely with The Gildea Group on 100s of projects over the years.

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DEsign Build

RLG Construction Consulting, LLC provides design-build services to the commercial and industrial construction industries.
Design services include

  • land development planning
  • zoning appeal process
  • architectural and structural design
  • space planning
  • coordination of mechanical design
  • custom detailing

Some of these projects include

  • WISE Athletic Center at Allegheny College
  • PASCO Warehouse Addition
  • S.B. Specialty Metal Tool Steel Warehouse and Distribution Center
  • Iroquois Boating and Fishing Club renovations

RLG Construction Consulting also provides design-build of custom residential projects.

Project Management

Project management is a key component of every construction project. Duties include: 

  • scheduling project 
  • planning project 
  • writing subcontracts and purchase orders
  • checking shop drawings for accuracy
  • coordinating all aspects of the project with the architect/engineer and owner
  • directing the day-to-day operations with the field personnel


RLG consultants determine the requirements of each project and create the best method to achieve those requirements. These requirements can be anything from land accusation to competitive bidding services. With every project being different from the last, our team works one-on-one with each customer to find the services that best fit the project.


On all projects, we have been pleased with RLG's attention to detail and their ability to manage all aspects of the projects to successful completion. I consider RLG to be extremely competent and a team that pays great attention to detail.

John C. Mowry, P.E.

Vice President, KLH Engineers

RLG's attention to detail, punctuality, and communication is what separates them from their peers. I highly recommend the RLG team for any project that you are looking for 100% satisfaction.

Steve R. Kightlinger

Sr. Vice President - Marquette Savings Bank

Historical Restoration

Unknown and unseen conditions present a unique set of challenges in historical restoration. Historical restoration requires significant attention to detail and the ability to work with intricate or antique detailing that can’t be achieved in new construction. Our team has extensive experience with brickwork, sandblasting, painting, carpentry, and any other structural restoration on historic structures. We have the expertise to update a building’s structural integrity while keeping its historical integrity intact.

Educational Construction

Creating educational and research facilities, ranging from kindergarten to college extends well beyond mere construction. Our focus isn’t just on the physical structures, but on cultivating environments that enhance teaching, learning, and research. Our team works with school administrators, educators, and researchers to develop advanced facilities to equip both current and future generations with the tools they need to succeed.

Financial Construction

Our approach to financial building design is characterized by a unique depth of expertise in the financial sector. RLG Construction Consulting and The Gildea Group’s processes involve thorough research and planning to meet industry-specific needs. We put a strong emphasis on understanding and reflecting an institution’s brand, story, and culture, as these are key factors in why customers choose a bank. As architects specializing in the financial industry, we prioritize listening to your needs first and providing our insights second.

Medical Facilities

The construction landscape in the healthcare sector is dynamic and demands specific expertise to handle its complexities. Driven by an increasing elderly population and more stringent regulations, the healthcare industry is witnessing a surge in new builds, renovations, expansions, and technological upgrades. RLG Construction Consulting and The Gildea Group have extensive experience designing and building for many different disciplines of medicine.

Parks & Recreation

Our founder, Roger, has had a long relationship with the Meadville Area Recreation Authority, starting as a board member and head of the buildings and grounds committee. He served on the board for twelve years and was the chairman of the board for three years. He now consults with the current board on numerous projects. He has been involved in many projects including long-range planning, project conceptualization, funding (grants and conventional), design, and construction.

Completed projects in this area include:

  • Ice rink dasher board replacement
  • New pool liner (interior and exterior pools)
  • Community garden project
  • New and existing nature trail construction (Phase 1 & 2)
  • New ice chiller equipment project

Retail Construction

Commercial construction projects, particularly in the retail sector, face a unique set of challenges beyond standard zoning and environmental constraints. Retail projects must not only adhere to the typical regulations of commercial construction but also prioritize creating spaces that are safe and efficient for consumer interactions, aligning with the client’s marketing strategies. Our experienced team can help from the original consultation and planning to the completed project.

Water & Wastewater Treatment

These projects generally always include deep excavations, complex concrete structures, large-diameter yard piping, equipment millwrighting, and sophisticated interior process piping. RLG consultants have successfully project managed dozens and dozens of projects in western Pennsylvania and have an outstanding reputation with many engineering firms in this area.

Construction Photography

In addition to our consultation services, RLG Construction Consulting, LLC can provide construction photography. Roger, our founder, love of photography stems from his youth, and he began learning the technicalities of photography while in college. Back in those days, it was all film photography, and Roger learned how to do all phases: roll film, process film, make slides and prints. Roger is experienced in many types of photography including journalism, fashion, and underwater. Roger can shoot, edit, and produce images per any customer specification. 

Sample portfolio available upon request.

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