• Historical Restoration

    Historical Restoration

Roger has a wealth of experience is historical restoration construction.

This type of construction presents many challenges to those who undertake it. Primarily, the unknown and unseen conditions in this type of work present the first challenge. Nothing is ever plumb or square in historical construction. It is the opportunity to work with materials and detailing that can’t be achieved in new construction that makes this work interesting. Historical Restoration requires significant attention to detail and ability to work with intricate or antique detailing. It is because of these challenges that Roger’s knowledge and experience makes him excel in this kind of work.

Roger has completed several church restorations that date back to the 1800s, including:

  • St Titus RC Church, Titusville, Pa
  • St Hippolyte RC Church Meadville, Pa
  • Presbyterian Church Meadville, Pa
  • St Agatha rectory and office  

 These projects were complete renovations of the worship space of each church.

Other types of historical restoration Roger has worked on include:

  • Bessemer Building – Converting an abandoned 1865 railroad maintenance building into a modern office complex.
  • Waller Hall @ IUP – Converting a 1922 gymnasium into a facility for the performing arts
  • Woolen Mill – circa 1879. Complete renovation of a retail store in downtown Meadville. This project was a complete “gut job” requiring all new mechanical systems and a complete build out of the space.
  • Arter Hall @ Allegheny College – This was a complete renovation of the majority of this three-story classroom and laboratory building.



Historical Restoration

RLG's attention to detail, punctuality, and communication is what separates them from their peers. I highly recommend The RLG Team for any project that you are looking for 100% satisfaction.

Steve R. Kightlinger
SR Vice - President, Marquette Savings Bank

On all projects we have been pleased with RLG's attention to detail and their ability to manage all aspects of the projects to successful completion. I personally consider RLG to be extremely competent and a team that pays great attention to detail.

John C. Mowry, P.E.
Vice President, KLH Engineers