• Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

    Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

Eastvale Water Intake Structure – This was a municipal water intake structure for the city of Beaver Falls, PA and the surrounding areas. The project involved building a circular coffer dam in the Beaver River and constructing the intake structure in the dam. Once the intake structure was built, the dam was removed. The structure consists of large concrete chambers with intake screens to allow water into the pumps. We installed equipment to remove debris and pre-treat the raw water before it is pumped to the main treatment facility.

Saxonburg – This project was a brand-new regional wastewater treatment plant for Saxonburg, PA. The project consisted of an oxidation ditch, raw sewage screw pumps, a circumfuse for sludge dewatering, glass lined sludge storage tanks, final clarification, and UV disinfections. The project was completed in 2007 for $12 million.

Sewickley Wastewater Treatment Plant – This project was the construction and renovation of the Sewickley municipal wastewater treatment plant. This project included new mechanical bar screen, new influent screening building, belt filter press, grit removal equipment, multiple pumps, primary and secondary clarifiers, and digestors. It was completed in 2010.

Potato Garden Finley Township Municipal Authority – This project was a brand-new municipal wastewater treatment plant for Finley Township, PA. This project included primary and secondary clarifiers, digestors, two glass lined trickling filters, pumps and values, and a centrifuge. This was a $12 million project and was completed in 2018.

Bethel Park – This project was an upgrade to the existing water treatment plant for the South Park Municipal Authority in Pennsylvania. The project consisted of a large UV system, multiple 42” ductile iron pipes, final clarifiers, demolition to existing tanks, and complicated foundations. The project was an $11.5 million upgrade to the existing system and was completed in 2016.

Fish Creek – This project was a brand-new water intake structure for a local energy company. The project consisted of installing a 30-diameter pipe into the creek to pump the creek water into a wet well. From there the water was pumped to a rig owned by the client for fracking purposes. PSI constructed a structural steel platform around the wet well with H-piles and concrete foundations. This was project was completed in 2020 for $1.8 million.



Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants