• Goodea Construction


Former Downtown Meadville banks – These two banks are located across the street from one another in downtown Meadville, PA. They were built simultaneously in the early 1970s on Chestnut Street. The remain two of the nicest buildings in the downtown area to this day.

McComb Fieldhouse at Edinboro University – This is the hub of Edinboro University athletics. The project consisted of building the main campus gymnasium, offices for the athletic director, offices for athletic coaches, and the University's sports information office. Goodea constructed a basketball court, meet-sized swimming pool, wrestling area, and several health and physical education department classrooms. The McComb Fieldhouse is home for the men’s and women’s volleyball, basketball, wrestling, and swimming teams.

Royal Oil – This project was a complete construction of the corporate headquarters for a private energy firm located in Indiana, PA. This building included general administration offices and corporate offices for the ownership group. The building was constructed with the finest of finish materials available in honor of the founder of the company.

Cambridge Springs - This was a complete construction of a new municipal wastewater treatment plant in Cambridge Springs, PA. It was a $10 million project built in phases over a 2-year period. This project included a new oxidation ditch, clarifiers, a raw sewage pump station, an EQ basin, new aerobic digesters and an UV disinfection.

Eastvale - This was a municipal water intake structure for the city of Beaver Falls, PA and the surrounding areas. The project involved building a circular coffer dam in the Beaver River and constructing the intake structure in the dam. Once the intake structure was built, the dam was removed. The structure consists of large concrete chambers with intake screens to allow water into the pumps. We installed equipment to remove debris and pre-treat the raw water before it is pumped to the main treatment facility.

Smuckers (formally Dad’s Dog Food) – This is a pet food processing plant located in Meadville, PA. Goodea Construction Company has enjoyed a 60-year relationship with Dad’s/Ainsworth/Smuckers. We have completed multiple projects involving multiple genres of construction techniques. Over the years Goodea has built several additions to the main plant and warehouses.

119 Professional Center in Indiana, PA – converted a 96,000 square foot light industrial building into a 100% medical condominium complex. The complex included general practitioners’ offices, orthopedic medicine offices including x-ray, dental offices, a physical therapy center with pool, renal dialysis center, and a pharmacy.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Department at Meadville Medical Center – completed a new build out of the cardiac rehab center. Project included treatment rooms and exam rooms.

Laundry Facilities at Indiana Hospital – completed a brand-new laundry facility within the hospital. It was a two-phase project with demolition and new construction of the hospital’s laundry facility. The project included new underground plumbing, new walls, new MEPs, equipment setting and hook-up, and all new finishes.

Yolanda Barco Cancer Center in Meadville, PA – completed the structural concrete for the cancer center. This included foundations, footings, foundational walls, slab-on grade concrete and mass concrete vault floor cancer treating equipment.

Vernon Place Outpatient Facility in Meadville, PA – performed the structural concrete package for the outpatient facility. The 1.2 million concrete contact included foundation footings and walls, therapy pool, multi-story slab-on grade